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Keep your head up,
your abs tight,
and your muscles 


Start your sculpted life today!


Bethesda's Only Lagree-Licensed Fitness Studio

Train Smarter. Shake Harder. Get Stronger. 


Megaformer Lagree Workout

The Method

The Lagree Method is a full-body, efficient, and fat-burning workout that is intense but low impact. Lagree Fitness is designed to test and improve your cardio, strength, endurance, core, balance, and flexibility all in 50 minutes. Expect to sweat and feel your muscles shake.  

The Studio

We are passionate about our workout and we are compassionate with our clients. At Sculpt Studio, you get coaching—not just instruction—making you stronger than you've ever been before. Don't wait. Find your strength and get sculpted today! 



One of the ways the Lagree Method works is because of "The Shake." The Shake is caused by the slow, controlled motion of muscles for an extended period of time. Regardless of fitness level, Sculpt Studio challenges its students to achieve The Shake in every exercise and in every class. 

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Daily Class Schedule


Client Testimonials

"How many challenges can you confront to reach the next level of strength? I find this to be a threshold that all elite athletes must ask themselves at some point. Your body can handle a lot. But what about your mind?" 

Read why Jordan Gear, former Division 1 driver & athlete, chose Sculpt Studio. 

“Mary likes to joke and say, 'Sculpt helps you look better naked.' Funny or not, it's true. After just four classes, my body is leaner and tighter than it has ever been. Her class makes me feel (and look) amazing. I'm finally achieving the beach body I've always wanted, but I get to keep it all year!"

—  Amanda M. (est. client 2021)

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